5. Peruse

  What you think it means: To skim or browse。你认为单词的含义是:略读或浏览。

  What it really means: To observe in depth。单词的真正含义是:深入观察。

  When you peruse something, you are actually taking a very close look at it. When you’re at a record store and you’re just running through a stack

  of records, you are just browsing. If you pick up a record and look at the artist, track list, and additional information on the back, then your are perusing。当你peruse(深入观察)某事物时,说明你看得非常仔细。假设你在唱片店穿过一排排的唱片架,那就是“浏览”。如果你拿起一张唱片查看背后的艺术家、目录和其他信息,那就叫peruse(深入观察)了。

  6. Bemused

  What you think it means: Amused。你认为单词的含义是:愉快的。

  What it really means: Confused。单词的真正含义是:困惑的。

  This is one of the many words on this list that will make you strongly dislike the English language. Despite looking all but identical to the word amused, bemused doesn’t even come close to meaning the same thing. If you are bemused then you are actually confused。这个单词可能本清单中“荣膺”让你讨厌英语的原因之一。尽管bemused(困惑的)在拼写上跟amused(愉快的)很相似,但这两个单词的含义却并不一样。如果你bemused,说明你其实很困惑。

  7. Compelled

  What you think it means: To do something voluntarily by choice。你认为单词的含义是:志愿选择做某事。

  What it really means: To be forced or obligated to doing something。单词的真正含义是:被迫或有义务做某事。

  This is one that people get wrong and it’s rather understandable. The real definition is very close to the definition people generally use. The difference is the motivation. When people say compelled, they think the person wants to perform the action. In fact, they are forced to do it regardless of their personal feelings. Here’s an example. When you’re in court, you are compelled to give honest testimony. You may not want to, but it doesn’t matter because you have to。这个单词被人们搞错其实倒也情有可原。它的真实定义和人们通常误用的含义很接近,但区别就在于动机如何。当说到compelled(被迫)时,人们以为说话者想做某事,但实际上,说话者是有违自身情绪而被迫去做某事的。举个例子,在出庭时,你就是compelled(被迫)如实作证的,你可能心里不情愿,但不管怎样你只能这么做。

  8. Nauseous

  What you think it means: To feel ill。你认为单词的含义是:感觉不舒服。

  What it really means: To cause feelings of illness。单词的真正含义是:令人不舒服的。

  This is another understandable mishap

  that a lot of people make. If you actually feel sick then you are nauseated. The object that made you feel ill is nauseous. Here’s how this works. If you’re at an amusement park and you’re sitting next to a full trash can, the fumes from the trash may make you feel ill. That means the fumes from the trash can are nauseous because they are making you feel nauseated。许多人用错这个单词也是情有可原的。如果你果真感到不舒服,那么你会nauseated(作呕),让你感到不舒服的东西是nauseous(作呕的)。请看下面的例子。假设你坐在游乐园一个满满的垃圾桶旁边,垃圾桶里冒出的烟雾让你感到不舒服。这就是说,垃圾桶里冒出的烟雾是nauseous(令人作呕的),因为它让你感到nauseated(作呕)。

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